Trade Show Support

Eicher Communications partners with you at industry trade shows by providing training for your representatives, setting appointments with the media and developing briefing documents. We look at the news or message that you are trying to communicate and help you decide on your best representative, whether it is the vice president of product development, the CEO, or a customer.

Success Story
When the federal Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) began its RDA (results driven accountability) initiative in 2014, Excent needed to make school districts aware that its Enrich program could drastically lessen the considerable strain the changes were placing on their resources. The problem was, Excent and its Enrich program had little to no market awareness. That presented us with a three-pronged challenge:

  • Establish awareness of the company and its products
  • Prove that the Enrich program is the most effective special needs software platform available
  • Demonstrate to district and special education administrators that Enrich could help quickly and easily move them to an RDA system by providing easy access to the data needed to improve educational results while also meeting compliance requirements.

We quickly discovered that editors weren’t grasping the enormous changes that the shift to RDA would require of districts. So, we arranged seven face-to-face meetings with key editors and Excent leadership at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference. There, we explained what the shift meant in terms of collecting, analyzing, and reporting data as well as the enormous amount of money, time, and staff required. The editors were stunned that they hadn’t realized the importance of this before. We then gave brief demonstrations of Enrich and discussed a couple of case studies we had documented. The results are still coming in: A success story on the AASA Connect website as well as news stories and bylined stories in both print and electronic publications: EducationDive, Scholastic Administrator, District Administration, and in eSchool News.

In 2014, PASCO Scientific launched the SPARK Element, the first handheld science learning device designed specifically for today’s science classrooms. We took them to the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) conference to show the device to science bloggers and publication editors and then we went to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference to speak with the ed tech media. We set appointments at each conference, gave demos, and had a science teacher on hand to give real-life classroom examples. For individuals doing product reviews, we provided actual units and over-the-phone training. The results were outstanding; we garnered mentions in several news publications — EducationDive, eSchool News, Tech & Learning, District Administration, EdSurge — as well as mentions in multiple science teacher blogs; product reviews in Scholastic Administrator and Tech & Learning; and customer-bylined articles in Scholastic Administration and Principal magazine.