Social Media

It’s generally accepted that social media channels provide an excellent way for businesses to reach out to consumers. Many companies, however, remain unsure of social networks’ potential in the B2B world of ed tech. The truth is that as educators of all levels have become more present and active on social media, the utility of those networks for B2B outreach has grown in parallel. The challenge, of course, is in finding the time to properly strategize and manage your social media efforts. We understand.

Eicher Communications’ social media services are scalable to your needs. We can manage a complete program — conduct a social media audit, develop strategy, write and design content, manage deployment and engagement activities, and measure performance. Or we can handle whichever facet you need assistance with.

Success Story
Excent had a Twitter account that they hadn’t touched in two years. Their competitors also had a limited social media presence at best, so we viewed this as an opportunity for Excent to fill the social media void regarding information on special education management. Eicher Communication writes their tweets, schedules and manages distribution, researches pertinent hashtags and reaches out to followers, particularly thought leaders and influencers (both people and companies). In just the first few months of work we’ve increased the number of mentions by 67 percent; the number of profile visits by 62 percent; and the number of followers by more than 80 percent.