Company and Product Launches

Simply talking about the wonderful features of your product misses the point. We develop messages that your audience cares about by finding out what problems they are trying to solve or what their pain points are. We then connect your product/service to that need.

Success Story
Founded in 2009, Performance Matters quickly became known in its home state of Florida for its comprehensive, integrated assessment, data management and teacher effectiveness solutions for K-12 schools and districts. Customers reported enormous success and satisfaction with the solutions, so the company decided the time was right to accelerate their expansion efforts. In 2011 they hired Eicher Communications to help launch the company and its products to a nationwide audience. We met with senior management, spoke with customers, and researched the issues Performance Matters’ products were designed to address. Armed with this information we created benefit-driven Message Statements that would become the basis of all communications pieces moving forward. Customer success stories were documented to reflect a variety of district situations and demographics. Concurrently, a series of news releases was developed, each promoting the benefits of the solutions and customer successes, while at the same time connecting to current issues for maximum news exposure. At the next Florida Education Technology Conference, we set face-to-face meetings for company CEO Woody Dillaha to speak with editors/reporters for the leading education technology publications, and explain how the Performance Matters system helps districts gather, analyze, and use data to improve teacher effectiveness and student performance. In the first three months alone, news stories appeared in District Administration, eSchool News, SchoolCIO, T.H.E. Journal, and Technology & Learning, with more on the way. But most important, Performance Matters has now expanded into 12 states, and sales are up more than 50 percent over the previous year.