Our Clients

Preferred Partner for STEM Education. Digital Content, Modern Technologies, and Professional Development.

Launched in 2011, The Social Express is an interactive program that supports social and emotional learning for students struggling with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), ADHD, and other social learning challenges.

Scientific Learning creates educational software that accelerates learning by improving the processing efficiency of the brain.

Performance Matters helps K-12 school systems improve student learning by providing comprehensive, integrated solutions for assessment, data management and teacher effectiveness.

A cloud-based platform, Permission Click allows schools to easily create registration forms and permission slips for field trips, fundraising programs, yearbook sales, and other school events. Forms are electronically sent to parents who can respond on any device in seconds, to approve attendance, fill out forms, and pay any associated fees online — with no apps to install.

MindShine Technologies is a software developer, and a provider of software development services to K-12 school districts and educational software companies.

The Kickboard instructional management solution gives K-12 educators the tools to quickly establish consistent practices for effective classroom management school- and district-wide.

Excent’s Enrich® is the most effective special needs software platform available, providing unmatched compliance assurance and functionality, teacher ease of use, training and support, and IT architecture designed for future special program needs.

Accelerate Learning helps teachers adopt effective STEM instructional practices, improve student performance, and increase the engagement of students and parents through high quality, online, standards-aligned, hands-on digital STEM curricula and resources.

Truenorthlogic is a leading provider of professional growth software for educators and K-12 education agencies striving to improve student achievement by increasing educator effectiveness. Truenorthlogic’s solutions provide administrators with the tools to prepare, support and retain effective educators. Certified and classified staff benefit from an aligned, continuous and personalized approach to professional growth.

Developed in collaboration with leading education agencies and districts across the country, Truenorthlogic’s technology solutions – offering professional development content and management, comprehensive evaluation solutions, observer calibration, and more – fully support the cycle of continuous educator improvement and its connection to student achievement.