We are Public Relations consultants specializing in K-12 education and education technology.

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Eicher communications believes public relations is about more than just publicity, it’s about:

  • Motivating behavior.
  • Knowing who your publics are and what they are thinking.
  • Knowing what problems and pains they’re experiencing, where they get information, how they process it, and how they act on it.

It is then using that knowledge to develop strategies and programming to convey succinct messages that will capture their attention and ensure the desired action or behavior.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Public relations strategies that will help you best achieve your goals.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Helping companies determine how they want their publics to perceive them and what will allow them to achieve their goals.

Product Launches

New Product Launches

Developing messages that your audience cares about by finding out what problems they are trying to solve or what their pain points are.

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